HONEST REVIEW: The Original Secret Fat Burner

The Secret Fat Burner HONEST Review

Weight loss supplements come in many different assortments. Each weight loss product helps you to reach a specific weight loss goal. Trying to choose which product is best for you all depends on what you want that specific product to do for you. So, if you have trouble controlling your appetite and dealing with hunger cramps, an appetite suppressant may be exactly what you need. That is where The Secret Fat Burner comes in.

The Secret Fat Burner is brilliant at suppressing your appetite. The product works so well, I have had clients losing up to 4kgs in a single week!

What Exactly is The Secret Fat Burner?

The Secret Fat Burner has been formulated to help people who find it hard to lose weight. It works mainly by helping people suppress their appetite. This means that it will stop you from craving bad food all together and gives you back the control of what you put into your body.

Below is a picture I took of one of my clients after 6 weeks of taking The Secret Fat Burner. She lost a total of 10kgs without making any major changes to her diet.


The Secret Fat Burner Ingredients

  • L-Carnitine
  • Bitter Orange Extract
  • Yerba Mate
  • Chromium
  • Cassia Seed
  • Guarana
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Green Tea extract

Other Ingredients are:

Aloe, Dietary fibre, Evening Primrose, Starch and Dextrose.

IMPORTANT: The Secret Fat Burner is not suitable for:

  • Pregnant and Breast Feeding Moms
  • If you on any and I mean any anti-depressants
  • If you have any Thyroid problems, liver, kidney or pancreas problems
  • Suffering from high blood pressure, heart or any anxiety and hypertension issues
  • If you on any chronic medication
  • If you are suffering from anorexia, or your body fat percentage is less than 5%, you don’t need this product.
  • People suffering from prostatic hyperplasia

BEWARE Of The Fake Secret Fat Burner

*Please beware of buying fakes. DO NOT try and contact “The Secret Agents”, anyone can claim to be an agent and sell you fakes. Make sure you buy from a reputable source.

Known Side Effects of The Secret Fat Burner

  • Slight headaches, they do pass and should not be occurring every day, if you get a headache every day, then stop taking the tabs immediately.
  • Insomnia may occur if you take this tablet to late in the day
  • Dry mouth, well, we want this don’t we as it encourages water intake which is needed
  • Irritability

*If you experience anything more than this you most probably have the fake secret fat burner.

Is the Secret Fat Burner Safe?

Yes! Like any other diet pill on the market, The Secret Fat Burners should be taken in temperance and should be used exactly conferring to the manufacturer’s directions.

If taken correctly, supplements like this that focus strictly on the elimination of fatty tissue within your body can be a powerful. This product will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Take note:

The Secret Fat Burner is designed to supplement a healthy diet and appropriate training program.

When used correctly and according to the manufacturer’s endorsements, The Secret Fat Burner can be a safe option for losing weight.

Supplements should not be emphasized as miracle cures, but when used as directed, a fat burning supplement can help you to get to a level of conditioning that is beyond your belief

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